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Image of a young woman laughing. Whether you'd like to brighten your smile or improve the appearance of your gums, our office is the place for you. At the dental practice of Ernest M. Yamane, DDS, PS, we're proud to provide an extensive selection of cosmetic dental services. No matter your cosmetic goals, our skilled and experienced dental team will work hard to help you achieve them. Not only will our services help improve the appearance of your smile, but many of our options will also benefit your overall oral health.

We know how disappointing it can be to visit a dentist and not be given the respect and attention you deserve. That's why our team strives to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable during your visit. Call us today to schedule your next appointment and take the first step toward getting the beautiful and healthy smile of your dreams!


Crafting Your Cosmetic Treatment Plan

When you visit our practice for the first time, we'll sit down with you to craft your personalized cosmetic treatment plan. Our dentist begins by asking you about your cosmetic goals and your lifestyle. Are you interested in a straighter, more uniform smile? Does your image play a crucial role in your career? Using the information you provide, we'll determine which of our services are best for achieving your goals. We encourage you to ask questions about our offerings as we genuinely enjoy discussing our excellent treatment options.

Teeth Whitening for a Brighter Smile

If you've noticed that your smile isn't looking as bright as it used to, teeth whitening may be the perfect option for you. Teeth whitening is a minimally invasive way to safely whiten your teeth by multiple shades. Our practice is privileged to offer take-home custom whitening trays. This form of teeth whitening includes a set of trays that use industry-standard whitening solutions and are contoured to your smile to provide even whitening results. Take-home trays can be an excellent solution if you need a quick touch-up before significant events like job interviews or anniversaries.

Quality Veneers for Significant Results

Veneers are an excellent way to improve multiple aspects of your smile's appearance with one treatment. Our office offers numerous types of veneers to fit your unique comfort level. When you visit us for veneers, we'll begin the process by conducting an extensive oral exam. Our dentist will examine your teeth to ensure that veneers are an appropriate cosmetic solution for your smile. Some of the veneers we offer include:

Bioclear®: One of the major advantages of our cutting-edge Bioclear veneers is that they don't require your teeth to be altered before placement. Our dentist wraps a customized tooth-shaped matrix around your teeth which acts as a mold for bio-compatible composite material that fills in over your teeth, providing stunning results. Additionally, Bioclear is easy to repair and can last many years with proper care and regular dental checkups. These 'no-prep' veneers can be applied quickly and will boost your smile aesthetic while maintaining a natural feel.

Porcelain: If your teeth have minor damage or severe discoloration, our Chehalis cosmetic dentist offers porcelain veneers to fit your needs. Porcelain veneers are a good option for correcting stained, misshapen, misaligned, or gapped teeth.

Composite: For patients who want the effectiveness of porcelain veneers in a fraction of the application time, chairside composite veneers are the perfect option. This type of veneer addresses minor cosmetic imperfections and consists of composite material placed over your teeth's surface.

Improving Your Smile with Gum Contouring

If you find yourself feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your gums, an ideal cosmetic option may be gum contouring. This minimally invasive procedure alters your gum line to create a more appealing smile. We can also use this treatment to lengthen gums if they've been affected by periodontal disease. In addition to traditional tools, our practice uses laser contouring methods, depending on your needs. This technology allows us to make precise alterations, increasing accuracy and minimizing recovery times.

Excellent Tooth-Colored Restorations & Fillings

Although your teeth are durable and can last through years of repeated use, they're prone to damage and wear. At the dental practice of Ernest M. Yamane, DDS, PS, we offer tooth-colored restorations and fillings to repair and complete your smile. Restorations like crowns and bridges are an excellent option if you have one or multiple teeth that need to be fixed. We restore your natural teeth whenever possible, but if your tooth is too damaged to save, we also offer sturdy implant-supported restorations. If you're interested in a less extensive option, we also offer tooth-colored fillings to restore function and protect teeth.

Reliable Cosmetic Dentistry in Chehalis

At the dental office of Ernest M. Yamane, DDS, PS, we're passionate about improving the appearance of your smile by providing quality Chehalis cosmetic dentistry. Whether you're a new or current patient, we'll work to adapt our services to meet your unique dental needs. Call us today to schedule your next appointment and take the first step toward restoring the beauty and functionality of your smile!


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